Cat in the Garden - Yanadhyana

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Chan Hee Lee 찬희 aka TheNew Art Agency (Seoul, Korea, Republic of)   Drawings

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ok but if there is a thor movie with the new thor i already have a fancasting



Gwendolyn needs to be:

  • Thor
  • Captain America
  • Wonder Woman (alternately, Laverne Cox)
  • Everyone, I want an all-Gwnedolyn Marvel movie with Gwendolyn as Thor, Iron Woman, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Falcon, Hawkeye, etc.

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Michael George Haddad

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Spider Money | Tumblr

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Senior thesis work from the Department of Chinese Painting presented in the 2014 China Academy of Art Annual Student ExhibitionThe Department of Painting at China Academy of Arts (CAA) consists of several highly specialized areas such as the Department of Figurative Painting, Department of Expressive Painting, and Department of Chinese Painting.

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≫ Good morning!

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aaaaand another

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Toshio Saeki was born in 1945 in Miyazaki prefecture (south-eastern Japan

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All New Avengers // artwork by Stuart Immonen, Yildiray Cinar, Russel Dauterman and Sara Pichelli (2014)

Well, Marvel’s big event of this year (Axis) hasn’t come out yet but we already know the outcome will be a brand new team of Avengers as Steve Rogers and the classic Thor will lose their mantles and will pass them on to new bearers. Sam Wilson the longtime hero “The Falcon” will don the red, white and blue costume while sporting the classic wings of his former namesake along the shield. A “familiar face” in the Thor lore will be worth it of the mantle of Thor as hinted by Jason Aaron. And Tony Stark will go the “Superior” route becoming more of a bastard while donning a new all-white suit or armor in a new location (He will move to San Francisco). The Avengers will also get an extreme makeover paring down the “army” feel of the roster to a more manageable team including (l to r, top to bottom): Medusa, The Scarlet Witch, Superior Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, The Winter Soldier, Angela, Thor, Captain America, Hellstrom and Deathlok.

Another shocking move by Marvel to keep readers hooked I guess. Since I’ve reading the publisher for years I’m accustomed to these "bold changes" that tend to last very little (specially when you got a big movie featuring the original characters coming up next year). And while I think this could make for a really good story a la Superior Spider-Man I will not hold my breath for it since It feels very rushed, a move done to avoid a bullet released by the recent Kirby State lawsuit heading to the supreme court. Also, am I the only one who thinks that  making one of your most popular characters wear an all-white garment and call himself “Superior” it’s a little politically incorrect? 

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