I love my new tattoo!!! And that you can see it on my butt through these panties 😍😁

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🌸Goodmorning🌸 high waist babydoll lace keyhole panties in size small are in my shop now🌸 handmade by me🌸 DM or email me with any questions or for custom orders🌸

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Some recent fun sketches. Hooded heads are the easiest to draw.

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Sex is sex but money is money

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On Edouard
So happy to work together on all this new projects .
Maudit Caillou Family
Peace and Love

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Another in the #inktober set!  I really honestly don’t know what number I’m on - I definitely missed a few days - but I stopped keeping track and making myself feel guilty!  This is supposed to be fun yo!

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Saoirse Ronan as Agatha in The Grand Budapest Hotel (x)

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Shirley Set - Pretty Wild [x]

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I Have the Triforce by Olipop

US $10

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Early everyday bohemian life of Patti Smith, photographed by Judy Linn.

More than 100 black and white photos of young Patti, sometimes surrounded by her lovers at the time Robert Mapplethorpe and Sam Shepard are published in "Patti Smith 1969-1976, Photographs by Judy Linn".

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New set for sale in my shop🍓
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